NAV Widgets For IOS (iPhone / iPad)


NAV Widgets series of Apps for IOS can bring Microsoft Dynamics NAV  functionality to your IOS device (iPhone and iPad).  With a properly configured NAV server and firewall accessibility, a NAV widget connection can be made via the cellular network or a WIFI connection via the internet.  NAV Widgets require NAV 2009 R1 or higher version. See the Apps currently available listed below, and stay tuned for more NAV Widgets as the series develops.

NAV Widgets Application Icon
NAVws:Test is a free app on the Itunes app store. The app provides minor NAV functionality and its purpose is to “Test” a connection to a NAV server as well as a proof of concept that the functionality of NAV can be brought to a IOS device such as the iPhone via web services.  NAVws:Test allows you to enter settings to reach your NAV server, see the Web Services that are published by that server, Select a Company, and enter a Customer number and retrieve the customers postal address and email address.

View NAVws:Test in the iTunes App Store!

For additional information, Go To the NAVws:Test Support Page

NAVws:Customer is available on the Itunes app store. The app searches customers by (partial) name and presents the user with a list of qualifying customers; Allows drill down to the information on the customer card; Lists contacts for that customer; and Displays information from the contact card.   From the Customer Detail or the Contact Detail, you can: Show the address on the iPhone’s map application, Tap a phone number and the app will initiate a call, Send email to the customers or contacts email address, Go to the customers / contacts web site by tapping the home page field.

View NAVws:Customer in the iTunes App Store!

For additional information, Go To the NAVws:Cust Support Page


You can use the above apps with your own NAV application server or, if you just want to try them out, you can use the Test server with the following settings

Server Name:

Port: 7047

Instance: DynamicsNAV

User Name: navwstest

Domain: workgroup

Password: ILoveNAV7