NAV Widgets


Desktop Application NAV Widgets are targeted apps that tap into NAV functionality and can be used to perform quick lookups or focus on a functional area.  Since these are Java applications, they can run on a variety of desktop platforms, including: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  With proper setup of the NAV server, they can be accessed by systems where a network connection can be made, including a internet connection.

Current Widgets that have been developed:

  1. BulletCustomer Lookup and Inquiry

  2. Inventory Item Lookup and Inquiry

  3. Job Cost Time Entry

  4. Production Order Lookup, Inquiry, and Consumption Entry

  5. NAV Widgets for IOS (iPhone / i Pad)Sales Order Lines to Ship

Future Widgets under construction:

  1. Made on a MacProduction Order Output Entry

  2. Sales Order Entry


NAV Widgets: Desktop Applications

NAV Widgets are light weight apps that expose functionality from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Web Services.  They are meant to be simple to use and focus on a targeted ERP function.  Currently, NAVWidgets can take the form of a Desktop Application or an iPhone / iPad App. For more information contact me.


NAV Widgets for IOS can bring NAV functionality to your IOS device (iPhone and iPad).  With a properly configured NAV server and network accessibility, a NAV widget connection can be made via the cellular network or a WIFI connection via the internet.  WIFI connections can be  also be made on a network inside the firewall, as long as the network has access to the NAV server.

Currently, there are two apps available,

Made on a Mac